Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Weeks Old Today!!

The twins are two weeks old today! I caught them asleep facing at each other and couldn't resist snapping a photo of their sweet faces. While it is exhausting caring for two newborns, they truly are wonderful babies (thankfully!) and we thank God every day for our two little angels.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Identical or Not??

Nate is on the left and Matt is on the right
Getting closer in size!
I love these dragon feet!

So we're wondering if our boys really are identical twins.....although the specialists told us they were identical, we really don't think they look all that much alike. See what you think.

And I just think these are the cutest PJ's ever....I just love the dragon feet!! :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Passed the car seat "test" & ready to come home!
Jack & his babies
Jack is a great big brother
All the kids!
Nate & Matt checking each other out.

Sleeping in the crib.

We are so excited to report that Matthew & Nathan came home from the hospital on Monday, August 18th!!!!! (Ironically, that was supposed to be the day of my scheduled C-section) They had their first pediatrician appointment on Tuesday morning and the report from the doctor was fantastic. He was actually quite surprised that they are so healthy and thriving given how early they entered this world. Matthew has surpassed his birth weight and is now 4lbs 4oz and Nathan has reached his birth weight again of 4lbs 9oz. Our pediatrician actually said that the only thing we should be worried about right now with regards to the twins is how to pay for college!!! :-) We are slowly adjusting to life with TWO newborns in the house......running on about two hours of sleep a night and dealing with a sometimes cranky preschooler but otherwise we feel so incredibly blessed to finally have our entire family under one roof.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Latest Baby Pics

Here are the latest pictures of Nathan & Matthew (Jay's holding Nate & I have Matt). We visited them tonight and they are doing so great! They are no longer on IV's which is wonderful and they continue to eat well so they are increasing their food each day. As long as they tolerate the increasing amounts of food and have positive growth curves, we could be taking them home in a week or so. Please keep your fingers crossed that they continue to progress because we want to bring babies home!!!!!!!

Twin Belly

Well, better late than never.....Here is a pictures of my twin belly. We took this last Saturday - the day we left for the hospital.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Special" Outfit

All I can really say about this getup is that Jack put it together himself....and although you can't see them he is also sporting binoculars.

Jack & His Friends

We've had to say goodbye to some dear friends this past week..... Jack's good friends Sam, Bella, and Hunter have all moved out of the Pensacola area and we are sad to see them go. Here are some pictures of them all playing.