Monday, January 12, 2009

We Made It!

Yeah! We made it to VA!!
Hey Mattie!! Still always has an arm in the air.

Nate chillin' on the floor....he smiles at anyone.

Nate on left and Matt on right.

Nate playing with his new favorite toy.

Nate checking out big brother Jack.

Being weird.

Santa found us!!

Santa brought Geo Trax to our house (and new footsie jammies and a turtle fur hat)!

Santa also brought a Bozo punching balloon, which sadly didn't last more than one day at our house before he got a hole in him.

Jack got to pick out one book at the bookstore....he chose a Tiara-making book. Jay was thrilled. Here is his finished Tiara. :-)

Well, we made it to VA and we are actually almost unpacked!! It was a stressful move already because of the babies but it was compounded by the fact that it was Christmas time as well. But despite all of that both us and our stuff made it to the new house unscathed. Unfortunately, everything was just too much to handle for one of our cats, Zack. He became ill on Christmas Eve and after some tests we discovered he in fact was much sicker than we imagined (kidney failure among other things). Upon the advice of our vet we made the difficult decision to put Zack to sleep. We all miss him....especially Timmy, our other cat, because they were good buddies. On a lighter note, we still had a nice Christmas (Santa managed to find us in VA!) and have had fun taking "field trips" exploring the city. I must say it's a welcome change to actually have interesting places to go visit! Not to mention all the great restaurants we have nearby - eating out is one of our favorite things to do and there wasn't a whole lot to choose from in FL. :-) Jack is enjoying his new school but it is a lot different from his old preschool so it has been somewhat of an adjustment for him. All the other kids in his class are there all day (to accommodate working parents) so the fact that his schedule is different (he is there a half day)sets him apart a little. But he seems to be warming up to it and hopefully will make some new friends quickly. The babies continue to do really well and turn 5 months old today, believe it or not!! At their last check up right before Christmas Matthew was up to 11lbs and Nathan was 11lbs 15oz. Nathan finally can fit into 3-6 month clothes but Matthew has yet to make that jump. I have started to experiment with feeding them rice cereal which initially was met with overt rejection (Nate refused to even swallow and while Matt swallowed a little he looked like I was poisoning him). But today Nate decided he liked the stuff and suddenly couldn't get enough! Matt did not eat any this time and still gave me the death look for even trying to get the stuff near his mouth. So maybe we'll try some veggies soon and see if Mattie likes those better!! Jay leaves on Sunday to return to FL for a few weeks to finish up at the squadron and then he'll be back with us in early Feb. He checks into the ship in Feb. but will be taking the month off to spend time with us before he really gets back into the swing of things with the ship as it is gearing up for deployment in May. Well, that about does it for us!!