Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Matthew almost always has one arm in the air.

Nathan has tried to suck his thumb on a number of occasions but can't quite seem to get the hang of it on a regular basis.

He also LOVES this soft blue bear/blankie from Great Aunt Lynn & Uncle Ed!

Two on the play mat is getting a little crowded (they started out parallel to one another)!

Matthew in his Christmas jammies.

Nathan in his Christmas jammies.

So it's been pretty busy in the Lambert household lately! First, we sold our house - yeah!!! However, the buyer wanted a fast close so we decided that rather than move into temporary housing here in FL until our previously scheduled February move to VA, we would just go ahead and move our tribe to VA immediately after closing. Thus, on Saturday (12/13) we start our trek to Chesapeake, Virginia where we will spend the next 24 months. Jay will be attached to a ship (USS Bataan) which is a first so we are looking forward to what that experience will bring. He deploys in May which is both exciting and challenging for everyone! Second, Jay finished his MBA through Auburn University this semester!!! He has worked so hard on this and after over three years of perseverance, he is finally done. We are so proud of him! The twins will be four months old on Friday (can you believe it?!?!?) and they just keep getting bigger - Matthew was 10lbs 2oz at our last weigh-in (which was around Thanksgiving) and Nathan was 11lbs. While they still aren't even close to sleeping through the night, we love them anyway! The amazing thing is that they have started to "talk" to each other. Several times we have noticed them cooing & smiling at one another while they are facing each other on their play mat. It's really kind of neat to watch them interact like that and I think it's only a glimpse of the kind of special relationship they will have with each other as they grow up.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Disney, Double-Life, & Smiles

Carving our pumpkins.

Jack "fixing" his race track.

Jack at the hotel at Disney World.

It was really hot at Disney so they ate a lot of ice cream!

Disney World was all decorated for Halloween.

Jack at Disney (Jay mistakenly told him that Mickey lived in the big castle so he was very confused when I asked if he'd seen Cinderella's castle!).

Nathan is all smiles now!

This is what we have to haul around when we transport both babies!

This was taken when the twins turned two months old.

Matthew loves to be on his tummy!

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted.....sorry it's taken me so long! Jack and Jay took a trip to Disney World a couple of weeks ago and they had a fantastic time. It was still really hot and it was actually pretty crowded (for the middle of the week in October) but they had fun nonetheless. It was great for the two of them to spend some time together and also to get away from everything baby!

We also discovered that Jack has been leading a secret double life. Yes, our son would make a terrific secret agent. You see, we have been struggling to get Jack to poop on the potty for some time now. He is able to go pee without a problem all by himself and he wears undies all the time except for at night. I had reached the point where he would ask for a pull-up and then he would go into the bathroom, shut the door, and poop in the pull-up. But no amount of bribery would get him to even attempt to poop in the potty, and believe me I tried everything from stickers, to potty charts, to wrapped "poopy prizes"..... I even offered to pay him cash if would just go poop in the potty. Well, I was trying to remain patient and let him decide to do this at his own pace but I was getting pretty tired waiting for him! Then last week we discovered, thanks to his teacher, that Jack has been going poop on the potty at school since it started in September!!! And we had NO idea!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Needless to say, he has since not been allowed any pull-ups at home and miraculously has been going in the potty. Lesson learned - your kids may actually be smarter than you even at the ripe old age of three and a half. :-)

The other major news here is that the babies have started to smile at us! Matthew smiled first (last Monday) and then Nathan's first smile shortly followed (last Wednesday). Nathan has since become quite the little flirt and even coos for attention. Yesterday he giggled out loud at me.... and I'm thinking it was actually AT me because I go to such great lengths to get them to smile. On another note, surprisingly the twins have blue eyes.....what are the odds that all of our kids would have blue eyes while Jay & I both have brown!! Also, we had our two month check-up this week and they continue to gain weight nicely. Nathan is now 9lbs 14oz & 22 1/2 inches and Matthew is 8lbs 13oz & 22 inches. We have now finally surpassed what most babies weigh when they are born! :-)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where did we find him???

So after Jack's nap this afternoon I asked him to go back to his room, take off his pull-up, and put his undies on......and this is how he honored my request. We wonder about this one sometimes..... :-)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sleeping, Baseball & Painting

Matthew sleeping peacefully in one of the swings.

Nathan sleeping and smiling in the other swing.
Hi Dad, glad you're home from, take a baby...or two.

"See my new baseball glove? It's like the ones the 'big guys' use!!"

Action shot.....future MLB player???

Jack's new favorite thing - painting.

The next Picasso??

So things here are going relatively smoothly except for the total lack of sleep for the adults of the house. The babies have mastered napping peacefully quite nicely....during the DAY. Nights are still a real struggle even as we are going on two months of having babies in the house. Two, two-hour blocks of sleep are the norm, unfortunately. But, their little tummies can only get bigger so hopefully they'll start to go longer between feedings soon! And since it's finally getting to be a tolerable, if not actually enjoyable, temperature outside here we bought Jack a baseball glove and ball which he absolutely loves. He's got a great arm but we're still working on the catching. :-) Jack has also discovered his artistic side since starting preschool again this fall. They paint quite a bit and he has thus requested painting time at home too. So out came the paints and he is happy as a lark out on the back patio painting away!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

House For Sale!

Well, it's official....our house is now for sale and the sign goes up tomorrow. Check it out at: Or go to and search for MLS #358223. It's a sign of the financial times that we are forced to list it for over 10K less than we paid for it. But, we'll be happy just to sell it and not have to worry about it after we move to Virginia in February- so tell all your friends that our house is up for grabs!! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whew! Catching Up....

** Update ** I took the babies to the doctor today (9/23) to discuss some feeding issues (actually Jack was along too which made it my first excursion alone with all three kids....needless to say we weren't exactly speedy). The big news is that Nathan weighs in at a whopping 7lbs 15oz (up from 5lbs 8oz on 9/3)!!! Thus, he no longer needs the special high calorie preemie formula we've had to use because he's just getting fat on it. :-) Matthew is also getting bigger although not by quite the same margin - he is 6lbs 6oz which is a definite gain from our last weigh-in on 9/3 where he was 4lbs 12oz.
Sesame Street Live

Jack & Jackson watching Sesame Street Live

Getting blown away down at the beach

Check out our big waves!

Two babies asleep on my lap!

Close up of sleeping babies!

We're one month old!!!

Hard to get a shot where everybody looks good....

Sorry for the delay in seems like I never have a free moment any more! We've done a lot since the last post. First, Jay took Jack to see a performance of Sesame Street Live up at the base where he works. It was a free show put on by the USO. They gave out lots of free stuff (including DVDs) and it was fun for all the kids. We also ventured out to see the huge waves (20ft surf) at our beach from the hurricane. The wind gusts were tremendous but it was worth it to see the amazing surf. The twins are now over a month old and continue to do well. They are both growing although we don't know how much they weigh right now because we don't go back to the doctor until the beginning of October. Nathan definitely is taking on the look of a newborn and is even sporting a double chin now! :-) Matthew is gaining but still has the look of a preemie. Hopefully he'll catch up soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School & Doctor Visit

Wednesday was Jack's first day back at preschool and this year he will be going Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. He was so excited about starting school that he could hardly eat breakfast that morning! He has the same teacher as last year but is in a new, larger classroom with all kinds of fun new things to play with. Here he is with his good friend Jackson who was in his class last year.

The twins went to the doctor for a weight check on Wednesday and they are both gaining nicely - Nate is a whopping 5lbs. 8oz. and Matt is up to 4lbs. 12oz. While Matt still hasn't caught up to Nate, they have both gained a pound since birth which is impressive and it means that they are gaining weight at proportionally the same rate. Nate is almost too big for preemie clothes but still swims in the newborn outfits and Matt is filling out the preemie clothes nicely. Our nights are still a struggle, it seems as though someone is always crying from about 11pm to 1am but hopefully we'll get a routine down sometime soon!
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Bath Time!!

So I attempted to give the twins a bath yesterday simultaneously.....which turned out to be a raging disaster. While they both tolerated the water pretty well, I was not prepared for them to roll face first into the water - one right after other! Yes, while I was bathing Matthew, Nathan decided to take a roll face first into the water. He was fine except for a few bubbles in his mouth (and, thanks to me, possibly a life long fear of baths), but while tending to him Matthew decided to do the same thing!!! So, in the course of approximately three minutes I managed to almost drown both of my babies. Lovely. Note to self - bathe twins INDIVIDUALLY from now on. :-)
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Weeks Old Today!!

The twins are two weeks old today! I caught them asleep facing at each other and couldn't resist snapping a photo of their sweet faces. While it is exhausting caring for two newborns, they truly are wonderful babies (thankfully!) and we thank God every day for our two little angels.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Identical or Not??

Nate is on the left and Matt is on the right
Getting closer in size!
I love these dragon feet!

So we're wondering if our boys really are identical twins.....although the specialists told us they were identical, we really don't think they look all that much alike. See what you think.

And I just think these are the cutest PJ's ever....I just love the dragon feet!! :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Passed the car seat "test" & ready to come home!
Jack & his babies
Jack is a great big brother
All the kids!
Nate & Matt checking each other out.

Sleeping in the crib.

We are so excited to report that Matthew & Nathan came home from the hospital on Monday, August 18th!!!!! (Ironically, that was supposed to be the day of my scheduled C-section) They had their first pediatrician appointment on Tuesday morning and the report from the doctor was fantastic. He was actually quite surprised that they are so healthy and thriving given how early they entered this world. Matthew has surpassed his birth weight and is now 4lbs 4oz and Nathan has reached his birth weight again of 4lbs 9oz. Our pediatrician actually said that the only thing we should be worried about right now with regards to the twins is how to pay for college!!! :-) We are slowly adjusting to life with TWO newborns in the house......running on about two hours of sleep a night and dealing with a sometimes cranky preschooler but otherwise we feel so incredibly blessed to finally have our entire family under one roof.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Latest Baby Pics

Here are the latest pictures of Nathan & Matthew (Jay's holding Nate & I have Matt). We visited them tonight and they are doing so great! They are no longer on IV's which is wonderful and they continue to eat well so they are increasing their food each day. As long as they tolerate the increasing amounts of food and have positive growth curves, we could be taking them home in a week or so. Please keep your fingers crossed that they continue to progress because we want to bring babies home!!!!!!!