Wednesday, September 24, 2008

House For Sale!

Well, it's official....our house is now for sale and the sign goes up tomorrow. Check it out at: Or go to and search for MLS #358223. It's a sign of the financial times that we are forced to list it for over 10K less than we paid for it. But, we'll be happy just to sell it and not have to worry about it after we move to Virginia in February- so tell all your friends that our house is up for grabs!! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whew! Catching Up....

** Update ** I took the babies to the doctor today (9/23) to discuss some feeding issues (actually Jack was along too which made it my first excursion alone with all three kids....needless to say we weren't exactly speedy). The big news is that Nathan weighs in at a whopping 7lbs 15oz (up from 5lbs 8oz on 9/3)!!! Thus, he no longer needs the special high calorie preemie formula we've had to use because he's just getting fat on it. :-) Matthew is also getting bigger although not by quite the same margin - he is 6lbs 6oz which is a definite gain from our last weigh-in on 9/3 where he was 4lbs 12oz.
Sesame Street Live

Jack & Jackson watching Sesame Street Live

Getting blown away down at the beach

Check out our big waves!

Two babies asleep on my lap!

Close up of sleeping babies!

We're one month old!!!

Hard to get a shot where everybody looks good....

Sorry for the delay in seems like I never have a free moment any more! We've done a lot since the last post. First, Jay took Jack to see a performance of Sesame Street Live up at the base where he works. It was a free show put on by the USO. They gave out lots of free stuff (including DVDs) and it was fun for all the kids. We also ventured out to see the huge waves (20ft surf) at our beach from the hurricane. The wind gusts were tremendous but it was worth it to see the amazing surf. The twins are now over a month old and continue to do well. They are both growing although we don't know how much they weigh right now because we don't go back to the doctor until the beginning of October. Nathan definitely is taking on the look of a newborn and is even sporting a double chin now! :-) Matthew is gaining but still has the look of a preemie. Hopefully he'll catch up soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School & Doctor Visit

Wednesday was Jack's first day back at preschool and this year he will be going Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. He was so excited about starting school that he could hardly eat breakfast that morning! He has the same teacher as last year but is in a new, larger classroom with all kinds of fun new things to play with. Here he is with his good friend Jackson who was in his class last year.

The twins went to the doctor for a weight check on Wednesday and they are both gaining nicely - Nate is a whopping 5lbs. 8oz. and Matt is up to 4lbs. 12oz. While Matt still hasn't caught up to Nate, they have both gained a pound since birth which is impressive and it means that they are gaining weight at proportionally the same rate. Nate is almost too big for preemie clothes but still swims in the newborn outfits and Matt is filling out the preemie clothes nicely. Our nights are still a struggle, it seems as though someone is always crying from about 11pm to 1am but hopefully we'll get a routine down sometime soon!
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Bath Time!!

So I attempted to give the twins a bath yesterday simultaneously.....which turned out to be a raging disaster. While they both tolerated the water pretty well, I was not prepared for them to roll face first into the water - one right after other! Yes, while I was bathing Matthew, Nathan decided to take a roll face first into the water. He was fine except for a few bubbles in his mouth (and, thanks to me, possibly a life long fear of baths), but while tending to him Matthew decided to do the same thing!!! So, in the course of approximately three minutes I managed to almost drown both of my babies. Lovely. Note to self - bathe twins INDIVIDUALLY from now on. :-)
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