Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Big Park
Jack really enjoys going to what he calls the "big park" which is just the Chesapeake City Park. It is actually a fantastic park with lots to do and is quite large so there can be a number of families/children there and it won't feel overcrowded. It's also mostly shaded by large trees which make it much cooler! We recently made the trip up to the park with the intention of checking out their Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market ended up being one weathered woman and a rickety wagon selling about four different vegetables. Oh well, Jack was all excited to pick out some yummy veggies and I certainly didn't want to squelch any excitement related to what might actually lead to eating we bought two cucumbers for a buck and called it done. Then we went over to the kids park and ended up having a fantastic afternoon. Jack found a new friend, Conrad, and I kid you not - those two spent an hour and a half joyfully exploring the park together. No squabbles, no incidents, no nothing! It was amazing. So Conrad's mom and I got to talking and it turns out I made a new friend too. :-) We met up a week or so later for a little educational field trip but more on that in another post...

This is Jack's best attempt at: "Please stand still for two seconds so I can take your picture!"

Peeking out from one of the towers.
Nathan LOVES to swing...can you tell?

Matthew loves to swing too...although he's still such a little guy that I always worry he's somehow going to slip out of the swing. (he's quick and coordinated too...just the other day while I had both babies in the tub, I had turned my head---literally only pivoted my body around from my position next to the tub---to make sure I had two diapers ready and in the seven seconds it took me to turn around Matthew had climbed out of the tub and landed face-first onto the bathroom floor!!!  And I was sitting RIGHT THERE!!  Thankfully he was fine.  Hence my fear he's somehow going to escape the swing even though I'm guarding him closely)

Matthew having just woken up from a nap....I'm pretty sure I have a similar expression upon waking up as well.  Right honey???  (heehee)  At least I have coffee to brighten my mood - poor Matthew just has to get over it.

And he does!
Big Wheels
I recently purchased a Radio Flyer "big wheels" for Jack mostly because he still insisted on riding around on his old tricycle that I'm pretty sure has a max age of three years.  He looked like a giant on it but he loved it even though he can (and does) ride his bicycle too.  And Wal-Mart offered me 97 cent shipping on the thing so I really couldn't say no!  I need to get him a larger bicycle too, but that can be the next purchase.

Here he is on his maiden voyage...which was hugely successful! However, he quickly discovered that if you go really fast and turn the wheel sharply you can do donuts to your heart's content.  Thus, he is now required to wear his helmet when riding the big wheels.  :-)
This past Thursday, we traveled downtown to explore the maritime museum known as Nauticus. We were able to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of lunch and meandering through the exhibits with Jack's new friend, Conrad, his mom and his little sister. The museum turned out to be quite a hit with the boys and we are hoping to make a return visit in November for the upcoming pirate treasure exhibit.

Jack manning the mock-up submersible.  You could actually move the mechanical arm around and try to pick up objects off the "ocean floor."


Jack & Conrad.

All three kids enjoying what amounted to a really big water table.  In actuality, it had something to do with teaching about rivers and channels (I think) but the kids just loved sending the plastic boats down the current and changing the barriers to best enhance their chances of "winning."

Jack the mermaid.


Donna said...

Love your newsy post! You do such neat things with the kids...they will have great experiences to draw from as they get older.
I remember the escape artist tricks...what one didn't think of, the other one did...good luck!!

L. P. said...

Love the new pics. You're a brave Mommy to venture out with all those active boys! How long will it be until Matthew figures out how to escape the crib??? Bathtub today; crib tomorrow. Something to worry about:)

Sharon said...

Thank you for sending along the pictures from the Nauticus! We had a great time with you guys. Love the blog and all the wonderful pictures of your handsome boys...