Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Botanical Gardens

Last week my friend Sharon and I hauled our children over to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens for a fun morning of exploring their children's garden.  Sharon shares my love of a good adventure and is so patient with me and all my kids...let's just say we don't move very quickly nor do we ever arrive anywhere on time.  Our little corner of Virginia is in full spring bloom right now (which was clearly evident by the literal blanket of pollen we woke up to not long ago) and the botanical gardens were spectacular to say the least.  Full of ponds and meandering paths it was a pleasant walk back to the children's garden complete with a sighting of a real live bald eagle and nest!  And the children's garden did not disappoint!!  Filled with all kinds of areas to explore it proved to be fantastic for both the older and younger set!  Normally, the highlight of the park is a large area filled with fountains of shooting water just waiting to be played in but the fountains were off for repairs the day we visited.  Thankfully there were many other areas to uncover and Jack is still asking for a return trip!  They offer summer camps too which just may be a great option for my little nature lover.

Welcome to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens!

Entrance to the children's garden. Isn't it charming?

This is the area where the fountains are....obviously not working on this day.

One of many paths just waiting to be explored.

Jack manning the tree house.

I let the twins out of captivity and, as expected, they proceeded to head in opposite directions! Here is Matthew climbing the rope ladder - he made it to the top with no assistance!

We had just a fantastic day!

This is pollen....I've never in my life seen anything like the layer of pollen that covered everything in sight for about two straight days.  I haven't stopped blowing my nose for about two weeks now.


Donna said...

Neat place!! Cute pics!

Sharon said...

We had a blast! I got my membership, so I'm up for another outing whenever. Maybe one day we can leave the kids behind and just go for a nice stroll through the rest of the park??