Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From babies to toddlers.....

It has just dawned on me after looking at these recent pictures that the twins are officially no longer babies but have seemingly morphed into toddlers right before my eyes (sniff, sniff).  They are looking more like little boys every day and have really begun to take on personalities of their very own.  They are fun-loving little guys who laugh easily and are almost fearless climbers. Look out world!!

They ADORE cars and seem to always have one (or two) clutched in their little hands.  They eat with them and even insist on sleeping with them!!  I guess there really is no doubt who their father is. :)

I looked at this picture and was taken aback by how OLD they look!!! It's very bitter sweet to me because these are my last babies and while it's been tough going at times it has also been so wonderful having TWO babies to hold and cuddle.

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