Monday, June 7, 2010

Lambert Beach Week 2010

Over Memorial Day weekend we were lucky enough to join the rest of the Lambert clan for several days of fun and sun in the Outer Banks, NC!  Jay's parents rented a beach house where we met up with them as well as Jay's brother and his family.  We all had a great time catching up and playing on the beach.  Well.....all of us except the twins, that is.  They HATED the beach.  Nathan pretty much refused to set foot on the sand and Matthew might have enjoyed playing in the sand if it weren't for his terrifying fear of the water. So after two unsuccessful attempts at bringing them down to the beach to play, they were not invited back. :)  Thankfully, Jack and his cousin Lexi were content to play for hours (literally) on the beach happily splashing in the water (which was COLD), collecting shells, and digging in the sand.
I especially enjoyed this trip because it brought back so many wonderful memories of the vacations I took each summer as a child to the Outer Banks with my mom and all the Springer clan.  It was really fun to drive through Kitty Hawk & Nags Head and see familiar shops, restaurants, and of course who could forget the Brew Thru drive thru beverage joints where we would purchase T-shirts every summer (only when I was older did it dawn on me that the real reason to go to a Brew Thru was to purchase adult beverages and not just for the T-shirts as I had been led to believe as a youngster).  Okay, since probably only the Springers et al. are enjoying this little digression.....on with the pictures!

Day 1 @ the beach and Nathan is NOT impressed.

Jack & cousin Lexi having fun with shaving cream. 
Also note Matthew trying to have fun...until the water got too close to him and he had a meltdown.

Jack & Grandpa flying a kite.


Jay & Jack having a snack break.

No trip to the beach is complete without putt-putt golfing! 
An added bonus - this particular course had a dinosaur theme.

On the pier.

Another example of a "please smile for the camera" face.

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L. P. said...

Oh, brings back memories of our Sprague family reunion/vacation in the Outerbanks back in 2006. Such a fun place. We were in Rodanthe.
Love all your pics.