Monday, September 1, 2008

Bath Time!!

So I attempted to give the twins a bath yesterday simultaneously.....which turned out to be a raging disaster. While they both tolerated the water pretty well, I was not prepared for them to roll face first into the water - one right after other! Yes, while I was bathing Matthew, Nathan decided to take a roll face first into the water. He was fine except for a few bubbles in his mouth (and, thanks to me, possibly a life long fear of baths), but while tending to him Matthew decided to do the same thing!!! So, in the course of approximately three minutes I managed to almost drown both of my babies. Lovely. Note to self - bathe twins INDIVIDUALLY from now on. :-)
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Piece of Mind said...

Love the strategical placement of the glowing green dots. ;-) I can only imagine doing ANY of the baby necessities as a set. WHEW! Tired just thinking about it.
Thanks for posting pics and updating your blog.

Linda said...

And may I ask where was your mother while all this was going on? Sounds like she's slacking on the grandmotherly duties:)
Mrs. P.

tiffanypbaker said...

Wait - who took this picture???? I see another tumble coming!