Wednesday, September 24, 2008

House For Sale!

Well, it's official....our house is now for sale and the sign goes up tomorrow. Check it out at: Or go to and search for MLS #358223. It's a sign of the financial times that we are forced to list it for over 10K less than we paid for it. But, we'll be happy just to sell it and not have to worry about it after we move to Virginia in February- so tell all your friends that our house is up for grabs!! :-)


tiffanypbaker said...

If my house looked that immaculate with babies in the house it would only be because I was following the realtor around moving crap from room to room as he took the pictures!

Rick said...

Oh my gosh. Please tell me your house does not look like that all the time. For the sanity of mothers everywhere, tell me all of your things are piled to the ceiling in the garage and that a team of professional cleaners & organizers came in and staged your house. Wow.