Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Matthew almost always has one arm in the air.

Nathan has tried to suck his thumb on a number of occasions but can't quite seem to get the hang of it on a regular basis.

He also LOVES this soft blue bear/blankie from Great Aunt Lynn & Uncle Ed!

Two on the play mat is getting a little crowded (they started out parallel to one another)!

Matthew in his Christmas jammies.

Nathan in his Christmas jammies.

So it's been pretty busy in the Lambert household lately! First, we sold our house - yeah!!! However, the buyer wanted a fast close so we decided that rather than move into temporary housing here in FL until our previously scheduled February move to VA, we would just go ahead and move our tribe to VA immediately after closing. Thus, on Saturday (12/13) we start our trek to Chesapeake, Virginia where we will spend the next 24 months. Jay will be attached to a ship (USS Bataan) which is a first so we are looking forward to what that experience will bring. He deploys in May which is both exciting and challenging for everyone! Second, Jay finished his MBA through Auburn University this semester!!! He has worked so hard on this and after over three years of perseverance, he is finally done. We are so proud of him! The twins will be four months old on Friday (can you believe it?!?!?) and they just keep getting bigger - Matthew was 10lbs 2oz at our last weigh-in (which was around Thanksgiving) and Nathan was 11lbs. While they still aren't even close to sleeping through the night, we love them anyway! The amazing thing is that they have started to "talk" to each other. Several times we have noticed them cooing & smiling at one another while they are facing each other on their play mat. It's really kind of neat to watch them interact like that and I think it's only a glimpse of the kind of special relationship they will have with each other as they grow up.


Linda said...

I think they're starting to look alike. So adorable:)
Mrs. P.

tiffanypbaker said...

I never see them out of the carseat so please keep these pics coming after the move. We will surely miss you guys!