Friday, October 31, 2008

Disney, Double-Life, & Smiles

Carving our pumpkins.

Jack "fixing" his race track.

Jack at the hotel at Disney World.

It was really hot at Disney so they ate a lot of ice cream!

Disney World was all decorated for Halloween.

Jack at Disney (Jay mistakenly told him that Mickey lived in the big castle so he was very confused when I asked if he'd seen Cinderella's castle!).

Nathan is all smiles now!

This is what we have to haul around when we transport both babies!

This was taken when the twins turned two months old.

Matthew loves to be on his tummy!

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted.....sorry it's taken me so long! Jack and Jay took a trip to Disney World a couple of weeks ago and they had a fantastic time. It was still really hot and it was actually pretty crowded (for the middle of the week in October) but they had fun nonetheless. It was great for the two of them to spend some time together and also to get away from everything baby!

We also discovered that Jack has been leading a secret double life. Yes, our son would make a terrific secret agent. You see, we have been struggling to get Jack to poop on the potty for some time now. He is able to go pee without a problem all by himself and he wears undies all the time except for at night. I had reached the point where he would ask for a pull-up and then he would go into the bathroom, shut the door, and poop in the pull-up. But no amount of bribery would get him to even attempt to poop in the potty, and believe me I tried everything from stickers, to potty charts, to wrapped "poopy prizes"..... I even offered to pay him cash if would just go poop in the potty. Well, I was trying to remain patient and let him decide to do this at his own pace but I was getting pretty tired waiting for him! Then last week we discovered, thanks to his teacher, that Jack has been going poop on the potty at school since it started in September!!! And we had NO idea!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Needless to say, he has since not been allowed any pull-ups at home and miraculously has been going in the potty. Lesson learned - your kids may actually be smarter than you even at the ripe old age of three and a half. :-)

The other major news here is that the babies have started to smile at us! Matthew smiled first (last Monday) and then Nathan's first smile shortly followed (last Wednesday). Nathan has since become quite the little flirt and even coos for attention. Yesterday he giggled out loud at me.... and I'm thinking it was actually AT me because I go to such great lengths to get them to smile. On another note, surprisingly the twins have blue eyes.....what are the odds that all of our kids would have blue eyes while Jay & I both have brown!! Also, we had our two month check-up this week and they continue to gain weight nicely. Nathan is now 9lbs 14oz & 22 1/2 inches and Matthew is 8lbs 13oz & 22 inches. We have now finally surpassed what most babies weigh when they are born! :-)

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