Monday, April 13, 2009

Sorry blog.....I joined Facebook!!!!

Nathan laughing at Jack.

Matthew laughing at Jack.

Jack's huge icicle he found hanging from our deck...which he subsequently insisted on bringing inside.

Matthew asleep in his feeding seat.

Matthew asleep in his feeding seat....again!!! (maybe if he didn't wake up every few hours at night screaming like a banshee he wouldn't have such narcoleptic tendencies!!!!!)

Jack having fun holding Matthew....Matty, not so much.

Getting ready for Jack's first soccer practice!

The babies watching Jack playing soccer - they're so enthusiastic....

Jack's first soccer match. He pauses often to stop and wave at the middle of the game.

According to Jack, "The Easter bunny must like the babies because he left them presents too!!" These are their new Easter toys. (And yes they have jackets was cold in the house when we got up that morning and I hadn't turned on the heat yet!)

Matthew smiling.

Me trying to get two babies to stop crying!

Jack's favorite thing to do in the whole world is make the babies laugh...and he's really good at it!! They LOVE to watch him and laugh at him.

Matthew unusually happy after waking up from a nap.

Nathan happy as usual after a nap.

Jack hanging out in his toy room (having this space was one of the major reasons we chose this house).

The newest addition to our family room....attractive isn't it??

Help us - we're being held captive against our will!!

Jay took this picture...a typical purchase of baby food.

We've had several unseasonably warm days so on one of them I pulled out these great onesies that say "Daddy's Little Wingman". Maybe someday.....if they don't have my eyes!

Sorry for the LONG delay in posting and the even longer string of pictures. Under the pressure of many friends, I joined Facebook which has been wildly addictive. It actually is a really useful tool for reconnecting with long lost well as people you didn't know were your friends. :-)

We are settled into our new life in VA and have come to really appreciate what a great part of the country this is. I love the fact that you get more of a distinct feel for the four seasons here. Right now the area is just blossoming with flowers and new leaves/buds on all the trees. It's just wonderful to see spring in full swing!!!

Jack has ever so slowly adjusted to his new school and has even made several good friends. Although strangely he still doesn't know the names of all the kids in his class. He has also started playing soccer through our YMCA which he just loves! Although a little clarification was needed because upon learning he would be playing soccer he said, "Alright! I'm going to score a touchdown and run around ALL the bases!!"

The twins are getting so big along with their appetites!! I cannot believe how much formula and baby food we go through! The transition to whole milk and table food cannot come soon enough. They still refuse to eat any of the baby meats (which, granted, do smell a bit questionable) but they eat everything else, usually at a voracious pace. And while they eat about the same amount of food, Nathan is still roughly one pound heavier than Matthew. We will get more exact weights next week when they, thankfully, receive their last Synagis shots (special antibody shots to protect them from RSV; they've been getting them every month since last September). But Nathan is about 16lbs now and Matthew is around 15lbs. Nathan is finally ready to move into size 6-9 months and size 3 diapers, but Matty isn't quite there 8 months old! They are almost a full size behind their actual age, but I guess when you start out life roughly half the size of most babies you've got some catching up to do!!
Our biggest battle has been with colds. All the kids have been sick off and on since the end of January. YUCK. It hasn't really slowed Jack down too much, but the twins just keep getting whatever Jack brings home. They will finally get rid of their runny noses and then boom, they're sick again. We have also had some ear infection issues with the twins which is new territory for me since Jack has never had one nor has he ever been on an antibiotic. It started in early February with both the twins having ear infections. Nathan's cleared with one 10 day round of amoxicillan (sp??) but Matty just couldn't kick it. So three antibiotics and three months later and he STILL has one ear that's infected. Apparently, according to the doctor, they don't usually put tubes in just one ear for babies. So since Matty only has problems in one ear they aren't sure what to do with him. Right now we are just waiting to see what his little body can do on it's own (but I have a prescription for a fourth antibiotic on hand in case he acts like he is really in pain) and will re-evaluate at his 9 month check. Now, mind you both babies are cutting three teeth at once and, of course, have colds again so I'm not really sure how I'm suppose to distinguish possible ear pain from the also just as likely teething pain or potential fussiness from yet another cold.....

Jay is getting used to life on the ship but none of us are used to the idea of him leaving for seven months. His departure date is looming (May 12) and I'm still in denial!! I know I have been spoiled, but on Jay's previous deployments I have been able to see him at some point during his time away. Not so this time around which is difficult for me. I worry too that I'm going to be spread a little thin which means I might not always be such a nice Mommy! I don't want the pressures that I will face with having to manage everything on my own to trickle down to the kids - they deserve the best that I can give, especially during such a hard adjustment. Pray that I have enough energy to take them places and play with them and still have enough left that I don't end up making Mac & Cheese for dinner every night!!!

Again, sorry for the long lapse in posting! But, on the bright side, once Jay leaves I'll be posting all the time so he can see pictures of the kids!!! :-)


Donna said...

Really enjoy seeing pictures of your babies and Jack!! They are all so cute!! Reminds me so much of my own busy! Sounds like you are in a nice part of the states and have adjusted well...congrats!

Heather said...

thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!!!!!

L. P. said...

So happy to finally see some pictures (no guilt intended) :)
They're all three so adorable, and the twins certainly look identical to me! I'm sure I'd be feeding one twice and omitting the other.
Although everyone else in the family does Facebook (including Jay), I haven't tackled that yet so please keep the blog pictures coming.
Cate's Gramma

Marie Murray said...

So happy to 'see' you and your boys! Hope to see more and photos of the neighborhood so we can see where you are :-)