Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring in VA

Jack doing his "roar" face.

We spent Mother's Day at this wonderful park (we'd never been there before). Jack had a fantastic time feeding turtles, playing in the river, and as you can see here dragging "big sticks" up "big mountains".

The babies and I watching Jack playing in the river. It was a beautiful day!

Jay and Jack snagged a free paddle boat ride!

Jay & Jack in front of the huge bear carved out of wood (Jack was a little leery at first until he realized it was just a wooden statue!)

Jack wanted to have a tea we turned it into a sweet tea party (I make it with decaf tea and splenda so it's kid friendly - having lived in the south for several years now I have become completely addicted to sweet tea!). Duckie was invited too (that's his seat next to Jack - the stool). And Jack insisted that our cups match our doesn't fall far. :-)

Jack holding Nathan - he did a great job and had so much fun doing it! Jack really loves being a big brother.

The babies playing - one will bounce and then the other bouces back. I must admit it is kind of handy that they can entertain one another....helps me get more done because I don't feel as bad leaving them to play on their own since they've got each other!

Nathan has mastered going backwards...and often gets stuck! The wood floors certainly don't help the crawling effort either.

Our first experience with teething biscuits. Although you wouldn't know it from their expressions, they actually devoured them!

All my boys are captivated by the TV...wonder who they get that from...oh yeah, Dad! :-)



Matthew smiling even after Nathan just stole his binky right out of his mouth (a new favorite pastime of Nate's even though he sucks his thumb).

Our first date night since the twins were born! How exciting to eat at a restaurant with cloth napkins and NO kids' menu!!!

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Donna said...

WOW! It just looks idealic there! the water looks incredible and the kids are ALL just too cute!!! Beautiful family!!! Happy Mother's Day!!

L. P. said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!
I just love the pictures. Keep them coming.
And thanks so much for your sweet note.
Cate's Gramma:)

Anonymous said...

Great pics and adorable children. I would love to meet them. I appreciate that you updated the blog. Can't believe that you three girls are all mothers. How time flies. How long is Jay gone? Love, Mrs. D