Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sitting & Crawling

At nine months old Matthew is still not too big to fall asleep all curled up in the baby swing (he's a little peanut). I'm not sure what I'm going to do when they really do outgrow the swings.....they are a lifesaver when both babies are cranky!!

The babies can finally sit up on their own! I thought it would never happen.... (FYI - Matty is on the left and Nate is on the right, I usually try to do it the other way around)

Now that the twins are on the move but not proficient at it yet, they often get stuck. Such as Matty did here behind Daddy's favorite chair. And while Nathan crawls the traditional way (and IS getting quite speedy), Matty does it more commando style by pulling himself on his belly across the floor with his arms. Not as nice to look at but it definitely works!

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Donna said...

You should have a dozen more kids...they are all so cute!!!

L. P. said...

Hey, they're doing great! What will you do when they're all "running" around, not just crawling and sitting??? Yikes! Let's hope they go in the same direction:)

tvjones said...

Your children are incredibly adorable! I love seeing the pictures as they grow! :)