Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grandpa Jim & Grandma Jane Come to Visit

I unearthed more of Jack's old toys and this music table was an instant hit. The babies are starting to pull themselves up to standing too!
Nathan having fun swinging at the park near our house.
Matthew loved being in the swing!

Grandpa Jim & Grandma Jane brought Jack a fishing pole (actually it's MY grandpa's old rod) and he had SO much fun fishing at the park near our house. He's actually pretty good!

Here's one of the fish! I think he caught at least nine over the few days he was able to go fishing with Grandpa. Although he was surprisingly concerned about the fish once he'd caught them!

Jack "helping" Grandpa wash his car. Actually he did a really good job (well, as good as a 4yr old can do!) soaping up and hosing off the car. And he only sprayed Grandpa with the hose once. :-)


Donna said...

I bet Jim and Jane just have a ball when they come to visit those precious munchkins!!!!....I know how much our little ones melt our hearts!! (Say "hi" for us)
Good luck fishing, Jack!!

Donna said...

PS...Larry says to tell your dad that HE wants to go fishing with him too!!

Heather said...

so nice to see their smiles :-)

Rick and Lindsay said...

The kids look great!! We can't wait to see you all in Maine in August!

L. P. said...

They are all adorable. Looking forward to seeing you in August.
Cate's Gramma