Friday, July 17, 2009

More Visitors, July 4th & Standing Up

We've been busy here over the last couple of weeks....More visitors - Aunt Mary Ann & Uncle Dan stopped by on their way to OBX and Grandpa Ron & Grandma Dixie stayed with us over the July 4th holiday. It's always so fun to have guests - we love it!!!

Matthew turning on the charm for Great Aunt Mary Ann & Uncle Dan. He seems to really enjoy having his picture taken!

Twins in their new-to-us (i.e., used) high chairs. I had feeding seats for them but not only did they take up two of my dining room chairs but they weren't at a comfortable height for me. Considering I sit and feed them two bottles and LOTS of baby food three times a day, I decided to invest a little more in our overall comfort! Plus, they gag on anything thicker than a puree so I'm thinking I'll be spoon feeding them for quite some time to come.....
Matthew thoroughly enjoys standing up now and can do it with ease, however, he is unable to get down from a standing position without taking a total face plant. So, he'll just stand there whining (which quickly escalates to all out tears) for me to come help him get down. Much to his disappointment, I'm sure, I only come to his rescue every now and then so he's going to have to figure it out on his own one of these days!

Another of Jack's former toys which has quickly become a favorite.

Jack talking to Jay on the phone. He's getting better at keeping up a conversation with him. It struck me that Jack looks so old in this picture!

Nathan trying to climb up on Jack while he's watching TV. Jack generally has plenty of "helpers" at the ready and he's so good about being patient with their unending curiosity.

Grandpa Ron & Grandma Dixie brought sparklers to celebrate the 4th of July - how fun!!! (notice how all of my nice new green grass now has more of a scorched earth look to it....all our rain came to a screeching halt and I don't have time to water, oh well.)

Grandpa & Grandma Lambert also brought Jay's old boy scout tent which makes a fun place to play in the back yard.

Jack about to go to a baseball game with Grandpa Ron...he was SO excited and had a fantastic time!! (he's showing off a new McDonald's happy meal toy--a white dinosaur with a mouth that opens & closes--and since dinosaurs are his latest obsession this is by far the best kids' meal toy he's ever gotten!)


Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous, adorable boys!!!
They'll all be in the tent for over-nights too fun!!

Heather said...

LOVE THESE UPDATES! man oh man does little jack look so old on the phone with dad. wow!!!