Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trip to Williamsburg

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa Heichel treated us to a trip up to see historic Williamsburg, VA.  We didn't make it up there until late afternoon (even though it's only an hour drive)....getting everyone napped, dressed, fed and ready to go takes a while!  I think G & G have a new appreciation for why I'm perpetually late.  But we had a beautiful fall afternoon nonetheless and we enjoyed walking around and taking in all the scenery.  Jack had fun watching the reenactments and seeing the various "townsfolk" dressed up to play their parts.  It did seem as though there weren't too many buildings open to actually tour but that may have been because we were there during a more off season time. 

The Governor's Mansion. 
I think we all would like to go back and take this tour on our next trip (it costs extra)!

Can I get one of these at home?  Just kidding!

Beautiful horse-drawn carriage.

The twins hanging out in their usual spot.

I dressed the boys similarly in the hopes that I might get a nice shot of them together and this one didn't turn out too bad!  The original photo was really washed out but thanks to the magic of photo editing I was able to make a bad picture look pretty good.

One of the houses in the village. Jack is on the front steps making friends with a cat who was trying to nap in the afternoon sunshine.

As we were leaving we were able to listen to a special performance by the Fifes and Drums which were marching and playing as part of a commercial they were filming on the grounds.


Rick and Lindsay said...

Wow! You've been well traveled lately! I really liked Williamsburg when we were there with Rick's family years back. It looks like you all had a good time- tell Jack I'm glad he wasn't left in the stocks! :)

Donna said...

A place we've always wanted to go...and looks just like I've pictured in my mind. Your kids will have wonderful educational experiences to draw on some day, especially with two former teachers along!