Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I know I've been a blogger slacker lately and I really have no excuse other than I was just plain tired out!  We haven't been doing anything particularly exciting lately anyway...  We did, however, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Lambert - thanks to you all for making the trek down here!!

Our biggest news is that JAY CAME HOME YESTERDAY!!!!!  It was exciting, tearful and COLD.  :-)  We met the ship at the pier and while it was 45 degrees outside the wind was really blowing which made it seem much, much chillier.  I had the boys all dressed alike in jeans and matching button down shirts but unfortunately I had to cover it all up in non-matching jackets...oh well!  Jack didn't recognize Jay at first but I'm pretty sure it was because Jay was in his cover and dress blues which is a uniform I don't think Jack has ever seen before.  They have since fallen right back into the routine of being best buddies almost as if Jay was never gone in the first place.  It is so sweet to watch!  The twins changed significantly in the last seven months - Jay left two babies who couldn't even sit up and came home to two toddlers who walk, say words, eat big people food and drink out of cups.  Quite an astonishing transformation for him to witness.  Nathan (who is generally more gregarious and people-friendly) warmed right up to Jay but Matthew is still a little unsure.  You can tell there is definitely a recognition there but he is still more hesitant with Jay.  Overall though it really seems as though he never left which is a fantastic but weird feeling....almost like he was gone, gone, gone.....and then, poof! he's back again right where he was before.  :-) 

Our current project is to find Jay a car because he turned his lease in right before he left and so right now we only have one!  I'm not sure which Jay was more excited about - seeing his family or getting a new car!!Those of you who know my husband are well aware of the fact that he LOVES cars.  :-)

Here are a few pictures of his homecoming yesterday.  Like I mentioned earlier, it was freezing so we didn't linger around outside too long before heading back to the car.  Thus, we don't have all that many pictures of him coming home.

Waiting in the car (and watching Curious George) for Daddy to call and say he was able to get off the ship.

Daddy's Home!!!!!!

Jay couldn't believe how much the twins had changed in seven months.

We were all SO very happy to see him.  :-)

Jay's dad was able to join him on the last two days of the trip home on what is called a Tiger Cruise so he came off the ship with Jay.  Hopefully the next time Jay deploys, Jack will be old enough to go on the Tiger Cruise.


Donna said...

So sweet ..I was tearing up!! Congrats on Jay's coming home and family time!!

Anonymous said...

Claire, I am so happy for all of you. I can't imagine the emotions you must have felt. Like Donna, I was all misty too.Thinking of you. Love, Terrie