Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We made it to Florida!!!  Despite somehow contracting two cases of pink eye while staying at the hotel in VA, us and all our stuff made it to the Sunshine State.  We've made some significant progress on unpacking the boxes and our new house is starting to feel like "home."  Jack seems to be liking his new school although going all day (vs half day in VA) has made him one tired kiddo!  Here's a glimpse into some of our progress:

This is what VA looked like two days before we were to be packed up!

We had visitors on our 1st day in the new house!  Aunt Annie & Uncle Sam!!

Jack's new room.

Plenty of space to play.

And plenty of space for all his stuff.

My beloved green slipcovers are no more since Ikea no longer makes that color.  However, Jay picked out this blue color when he and Jack were in DC and I think I really like it!

Now we really feel like grown-ups because we have a formal dining room complete with new furniture. :)


Sharon said...

Whoa, you have been BUSY, lady! The house looks fantastic. Love the blue slipcovers and new dining room set. Hope I get to see it in person before too long :)

tiffanypbaker said...

Claire where did you get your buffet/hutch in the dining room? I found the dining table and chairs that I want (they are also the black/stained stye) but I do not like the buffet that matches it. Please tell me you got yours somewhere that I can find too!