Friday, January 21, 2011

St. Augustine

Last weekend we decided we had enough unpacking (although we are now officially all unpacked!!) and wanted a little road trip.  So we headed a short distance down 95 to St. Augustine.  And boy was it worth it!!  Wow.  Lots of charming shops and cafes mixed with a whole heaping helping of history - complete with an old fort.  Here's a glimpse of our adventure:

Making a wish.

This is downtown...SO charming!!

Another view of downtown.  I'm smitten. :)

Just to prove they were along too.  :)

Castillo de San Marcos (really old fort).

They actually fired the cannons.

Firing the cannons.

The coolness factor multiplied significantly upon the realization that there was a real drawbridge.


Donna said...

That little town looks like a marvelous place! The shops are so! (my kind of place!) The fort reminds me of the one in Mackinac...I guess they all look pretty much alike, huh? Bet your boys loved it! Glad you are all moved in and settled...on to the next adventure!

Rick and Lindsay said...

What a super cute little town! I can see why you loved it!