Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sleeping, Baseball & Painting

Matthew sleeping peacefully in one of the swings.

Nathan sleeping and smiling in the other swing.
Hi Dad, glad you're home from, take a baby...or two.

"See my new baseball glove? It's like the ones the 'big guys' use!!"

Action shot.....future MLB player???

Jack's new favorite thing - painting.

The next Picasso??

So things here are going relatively smoothly except for the total lack of sleep for the adults of the house. The babies have mastered napping peacefully quite nicely....during the DAY. Nights are still a real struggle even as we are going on two months of having babies in the house. Two, two-hour blocks of sleep are the norm, unfortunately. But, their little tummies can only get bigger so hopefully they'll start to go longer between feedings soon! And since it's finally getting to be a tolerable, if not actually enjoyable, temperature outside here we bought Jack a baseball glove and ball which he absolutely loves. He's got a great arm but we're still working on the catching. :-) Jack has also discovered his artistic side since starting preschool again this fall. They paint quite a bit and he has thus requested painting time at home too. So out came the paints and he is happy as a lark out on the back patio painting away!

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Linda said...

Keep the pics coming. Love seeing them all as they grow. How great you can do the painting outdoors:)
Mrs. P.