Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

The twins turned one on Aug. 12th and their party isn't until the end of this week. But, I thought they deserved a little something yummy on their actual birthday so I bought them teeny weeny cupcakes. Both approached the cupcakes with major apprehension but after some coaxing Nathan decided that they were actually okay. Matthew, on the other hand, just became increasingly anxious over the fact that his fingers were all sticky from the icing. Ultimately, Matthew ate none of his cupcake and started crying hysterically while Nathan ate what he could manage to pick up off his tray. This is an excellent example of their very different personalities!!

Not so sure about the cupcakes.

Nathan: "Hmm...this isn't so bad."

Matthew: "What is this...some form of torture?!?!? Get this stuff off my hands NOW!!"

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Donna said...

So funny!! You are alike, yet so different.