Friday, August 7, 2009

We made it to Maine & Surprise!

We made the two-day drive to Maine to stay with my parents where we will be for all of August. They had a nice surprise waiting for Jack - a power wheels!! I'm feeling a little slighted because I never had one of these when I was a kid..... :-)

Here he is on his first ride - he loves the shovel on the front and loading bed in the back.

Jack is actually a really good driver and loves to race down the hills.

Jack & Grandpa getting ready to ride into the woods on one of the trails.

Off they go!!


Donna said...

Tractors looks like great entertainment...Cooper (Tim's son) would have a blast on those !!!

Heather said...

OH NO!!!! I LOVE THAT!!! "THE BOYS" off to go ride their wheels in the great outdoors. so adorable.

Anonymous said...

What adorable children. I am sure that Grandma and Grandpa are in their glory. I love he tractor picture of hem going off into the woods. Wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous message was from me, Terrie