Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Friends

Jack made a new friend the other day when Mike, Tara and Liam stopped by for a visit on their way home from a trip. Jack and Liam had a great time driving Jack's power wheels jeep, eating dinner on the porch while admiring the birds at the feeders, and rounding out the evening with some Curious George and ice cream. :-)

Jack & Liam enjoying dinner on the porch. They really did carry on a whole conversation about the animals they saw while they were eating...too cute!

This is just a shot of all three kids enjoying the view of the river from the porch. We spend LOTS of time out here (Grandpa & Grandma even put some carpet down to make it more crawler-friendly)!!

One of the twins latest tricks is to bang on the glass in Grandma's china cabinet as hard as they can and see who notices.....not one of Grandma's favorite games. Don't let those innocent faces fool you...these two are ornery!! :-) (sorry for the blurry picture...having trouble with my camera)

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Donna said...

Ahh, the simple things in life to enjoy and give cute!!