Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updates (and there are lots of them!)

Okay, so once again I have been delinquent in my blogging duties! I guess with Jay home and then Christmas which was followed by a trip to Ohio I was a little distracted!! We have been busy getting our act together as a family again....easy for Jack but it took the babies a little longer to let Jay back into the club, so to speak. But eventually everything fell right back into place.

Our Christmas was wonderful - Santa and our families were good to us! Thank you!! Jay even splurged on diamond earrings for me which (as you know I love all things that sparkle) was a fantastic surprise!! Following Christmas, we took a trip to Ohio which was an action-packed week filled with lots of visits with all kinds of family - many of whom we hadn't seen in a long time. A huge thank you to everyone who traveled long distances (in not-so-nice weather) to meet up with us on our whirlwind tour!!! I don't think there was a day that somebody (adults included) in our family didn't have a runny nose but that didn't slow us down! Jack also experienced a really good dose of SNOW!! Especially up at my Grandma's in Medina...enough to sled in which I think just about equalled Christmas morning on Jack's fun-meter. Jay and I decided to drive home to VA from Medina in one day just to see if we could do it and (for better or worse) 13hrs later we arrived home.

I didn't even get a chance to get anyone unpacked before I fell victim to the most violent flu I have ever experienced. I kid you not, I don't think I've ever been that sick! Yuck. Now...I wash my hands like a fiend while Jay is not quite so good at remembering and since the Navy makes him get every vaccine out there and he didn't get sick, Jay is now a firm believer that the best way to stay healthy is to avoid washing your hands and just get all the shots you can!!! Anyway, it took me a good two days just to be able to move my body from my bed out to the couch to see my children and at least four days before I could eat real food again.

But it turns out my getting sick when I did was excellent timing on my part because at least Jay was home to take care of the kids. You see, last Wednesday we received notice that Jay's ship would be deploying again on the following day bound for Haiti (yes folks, that's a 24hr notice). So, on Thursday we said goodbye to him once again and just as quickly as he was home, poof, he's gone once more! Hopefully the ship will only be out for a couple of months but as of now there is no final return date. I admit it stung a bit that he had to leave us again so soon after returning home but it is hard to be selfish in the face of such massive human suffering. Jay's ship has the capacity to transport many, many people, equipment and supplies; plus, they have extensive medical facilities on board (operating rooms, surgeons, hospital beds, etc.), so hopefully they will be able to provide some much needed assistance in the disaster relief effort.

So, once again it's me and the least for a little while! Thankfully, Jack has remained his usual happy self through all this recent change and even commented to me that he doesn't mind when Daddy goes away. As he further explained to me, he and Daddy have so much fun together when Daddy's home that he doesn't get sad when he has to leave. !!!! The adaptability and insight that child continues to display each and every day never ceases to amaze me.

Baby it's cold outside!!!

Our dusting of snow...which was SO exciting to Jack that he insisted on playing in it first thing in the morning...which also explains why he's still in his pj's, wearing his rain boots, a makeshift hat (it's the liner to his hood), and no gloves because we couldn't find them. Can you tell we aren't used to this???

Santa came to our house and brought many fun things including a trampoline and a play kitchen! It really was exciting despite Jack's somber expression... :)

Grandma & Grandpa Lambert sent these fun new riding toys for the twins. They're a little short for them yet so they can't really push themselves but they have fun bouncing on them...and then fighting over one even though we have two! I am now adding referee to my ever-expanding list of job duties. (Matthew)


Santa didn't forget the twins!

Matthew (I think).

Nathan & Mommy hanging out on Christmas morning.

But, by far the biggest hit at our house this Christmas was the Dragon castle!!! It is Jack's favorite toy hands down....score one for Santa.

The twins new favorite spot! (they don't sit like this in my lap, by the way!)

Oh yeah, and in between Christmas and our "vacation" Jay was promoted!!

Visiting Great Grandma Heichel. Nathan wasn't too thrilled about trying out Gram's scooter.

Good thing we brought the Wii to Great Gram's!

Meet Thor the Dinosaur (w/ Nathan) - the newest addition to the family. He was lovingly left at our house by our neighbors down the street. He moves around, roars, plays songs, falls asleep, burps, sneezes, and best of all you can ride on him! Because everyone needs a giant, motorized triceratops at their house.....

Here is Matthew feeding Thor his leaves which he munches on...the kids do really all love him so I suppose he'll live with us for a while. :)

And Jack's new cool bike!! He had outgrown his little 12" bike so I found this 16" one today and we brought it home. Jack especially likes the fenders and lightning bolts - this child appreciates flair.

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Donna said...

WOW...lots of news and family milestones ...Jay's promotion, Christmas, the twins walking...all your kids are so adorable!! Got goosebumps reading about Jay's deployment and Jack's comment when he leaves...what an amazing kid! YOU are amazingly resiliant in all of this too...good going!!! It's fun to watch your family grow.