Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter....Preschool Style

Today was the Easter party at Jack's preschool and kudos to the party moms who put this one together because it was FUN!  They had yummy snacks which included a nice smattering of both sweets and healthy stuff plus a cupcake with more green frosting on it than I have ever seen in my life!  Added bonus - the mound of green cupcake frosting held a bunny ring!!! By far one of the coolest finds of the day for Jack. :)  Then an Easter craft was followed by an Easter egg hunt outside.  A super savvy twist on finding the eggs - the kids all had to find 13 eggs with their name on them!  How smart.  And each child received an adorable little Easter bag to put all his/her treasures in...too cute!!  The weather was beautiful albeit a little windy but we had bright sunshine and warmer temps.  Wonderful!

Jack with his adorable Easter bag which I believe was hand-made by one of the party moms.  My children will unfortunately only possess items this crafty because someone else made them!!

Found one!

Found another!  See his name on it?

And the twins had a ball playing with all the toys in Jack's classroom...especially the kitchen!


Donna said...

Happy Easter to you and your adorable passel of boys!!!

Rick and Lindsay said...

A cupcake with a MOUND of frosting???? Ahhh, a mother after my own heart. :)