Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soccer In The Rain!

Today was the first practice and game for Jack's soccer team - the Fever!  Jack has decided that he does NOT like this name and would "rather prefer" the name of his team last year, the Mustangs.  Oh well, sometimes we must endure that which we do not like. :)  An added bonus this year is that one of his good friends, Conrad, is on his team so this makes it WAY more fun to sort of pay attention to what's going on with the game. 

Today started bright and early with pouring rain but the YMCA was undeterred and soccer went on as scheduled.  What was to be quite an ordeal with an "opening ceremony" and such was thankfully shortened to just a quick practice and then a game.  It rained off and on the entire time which made most of the adults quite miserable, but at least the kids didn't seem to mind too much.  Of course, after everyone had pretty much wrapped it up and were heading out the sun came beaming through the clouds!

Go Fever!!

Jack and Conrad doing what most preschoolers do when you ask them to smile nicely for the camera.
(photo courtesy of Conrad's mom)


L. P. said...

Wondering where the twins are in the rain:)

Claire said...

Ha! I knew it would be a long, wet morning so I asked our babysitter to watch the twins. They would NOT have tolerated it!! :)

Rick and Lindsay said...

Love the smiling picture. And I thought Cate would outgrow those silly smiles by age 5. haha!!