Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Twin Escapades

So keeping up with two curious and fearless (which equals ornery!) toddlers is proving more difficult by the day!  I literally find something new each day that they can now scale (as in furniture) or get into (as in they're not supposed to and are causing trouble)!  It has been said to me so many times...."what one doesn't think of the other one will" and boy is it the TRUTH.  Two heads are better than one and certainly more mischievous!!  But they also love to laugh and have fun so it's hard to stay cross with them for very long. :)

Why would we need the toys in the basket when WE could be in the basket!!  Shortly after I snapped this picture, they climbed out of the basket, took out the liner, and started stripping pieces of the basket off.
(Matthew in blue, Nathan in brown)

Look Ma, we can climb up on the sofa now...together!  And above the sofa hangs a painting done by my grandfather during the Depression which quickly became fair game for tiny hands.  It has since been removed.

This must be a much better vantage point than the sliding glass door right next to the window.  I had to raise the blind all the way up because that was just too fun to resist.  And see that latch on the chest?  They figured out how to get that off too!!!!

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Donna said...

Oh yup!! I remember those days!! What one didn't think of, the other one did!! Good luck....!