Friday, January 29, 2010

Preschool Conference

Well, I had Jack's first "real" preschool parent-teacher conference this morning and I must say that I left the meeting with a huge smile on my face!  Jack's teacher did have many nice things to say about him but the overwhelming theme in our conversation was that he is a VERY verbal child.  This is no surprise to those of you who have been around him on a regular basis!!  He is always talkative and energetic in the classroom and gets along well with all his classmates.  Even better, his teacher mentioned that he seemed unaffected by Jay's two deployments and has remained his happy cheerful self throughout the changes at home.  Yay!!!  Here is a funny snippet from an "interview" she conducted with each of the children where she asked a set of questions and wrote down exactly how they responded:

Q:  What do you like to eat?
A:  Noodles & cheese sandwich.

Q:  What are you going to be when you grow up?
A:  A spaceman.

Q:  What kind of work do Mothers do?
A:  Cook & clean.  (oh boo!!)

Q:  What kind of work do Daddies do?
A:  Buy new cars. (HAHAHA!!)

I came home and told Jack how proud of him we are and then I took him out to lunch! :)

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Rick and Lindsay said...

Ok, I knew you guys liked to buy new cars, but if THAT'S what he thinks of with his Daddy (no boats? no sailing? no Navy?) then you guys must be buying A LOT of cars. haha :)