Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Day

They predicted "Winter Storm 2010" (imagine it said in a loud, ominous voice...) and I admit I was skeptical.  Then it started snowing, and it kept snowing, and snowing....well, you get the point.  It has snowed ALL day today and I bet we really did get the 5 - 8 inches they predicted and then some!!!  It's also been quite windy which as caused some drifting so it's hard to gauge just how much snow has fallen because there are places where it is knee deep and yet only ankle deep in others.  But, nonetheless, a significant amount of snow fell in our little corner of the world and the kids couldn't be more ecstatic!  Our neighbors down the street practically adopted Jack for the day and so he was able to  get in some really great outside time frolicking in all the white stuff.  And yes, he had to eat some too....

First thing this morning when it was really coming down.

Mid-afternoon it had almost reached the top of the deck (by the end of the day it had!).

Huh, where'd the driveway go?
If I had a snow shovel this wouldn't be a problem...

Looking up the street. 
I kept waiting for the snow plows to arrive and clear the streets, but alas they aren't equipped to do such things here so even the highways remained uncleared all day.

Me: Don't you throw that at me!
Jack: (grins slyly)

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Rick and Lindsay said...

The whole not plowing snow thing is amazing- especially considering that we can get 17 inches of snow and within hours the roads are cleared and some are even dry (if the sun's shining!) But I guess if you don't usually get the snow, you don't prepare for it!